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Sorry, could not submit your comment. Jamie's character was not the smartest, but a little of that is too be expected for her age and the situation.

Her relationship with her sister was strange and actually her whole family dynamic was strange. It seemed as though the snippets of interaction with Jamie's family were supposed to give us insight into why she is the way she is, but I just found them distracting and we needed more time with them to better understand.

If I didn't have to work so hard to read this, I think I could have given it a better rating. As it was, I was reading with the feeling that too much explanation had been edited out.

It was just too hard to see exactly what was going on. Oct 02, Tracy rated it it was ok Shelves: Why oh why do I bother with any more of these authors' books??

I feel like they write a complete book and then delete every 5th paragraph. I never can quite figure out what is going on. It was not completely unreadable, hence the generous two stars, but I really need to learn the following: Nothing these authors ever write will ever even approach The Nanny Diaries.

Jul 07, Sherri Ashburner rated it it was amazing. I loved this novel! A young intern, a charismatic President, a dark hallway Jun 10, Virginia Myers rated it it was ok.

I received this book through Bookbrowse First Impressions. I would like to give this book two ratings — one rating for Part 1 of the book and a different rating for the remainder.

I have no idea how the two authors collaborated on writing the book and this most likely has nothing to do with my problem but it seemed to me as if a different writer took over midway through it.

My rating for the first half would be a 1- a one minus. I had a very hard time getting used to the combination of the w I received this book through Bookbrowse First Impressions.

I had a very hard time getting used to the combination of the writing style and the vocabulary. The vocabulary may have been a generational thing — this story was about the experiences of a current day young college graduate on her very first job named Jamie while I am a female 79 year old enjoying retirement at an independent living facility.

Also, there were too many sentences where I finally did figure out what was meant, but it is distracting when you have to think about it before going on.

My rating for the last part of the book would be a 3. While I had to push myself to continue reading the first part; I actually enjoyed the last part of the book.

I was intrigued by the mystery of who the whistle blower was and whether Jamie would finally begin to tell the truth.

Her loyalty deserves a halo but her lack of common sense was ridiculous. I am not sure how the public will accept the very obvious connection between this story and the Monica Lewinsky affair.

It did not bother me and I smiled ever so often recognizing the obvious twists in the story to keep us thinking about the Lewinsky and Clinton affair complete with the blue dress on the cover.

Of course, there were sufficient differences to make it in the end a fictional story of its own making. My final comment is that I do not believe I would recommend this book to others.

I must admit that it does not depart from how it was described by the publisher so I got just what I asked for when I signed up to read it and I also am not sorry that I took the time to finish reading it, but it was not a memorable read and does not reach anywhere near the level of good writing or excellent plot that I require before recommending a book to a friend.

I would rate it as equivalent to one of the Harlequin Romance books I read years and years ago as I entered menopause and needed a boost.

Jul 17, Denise rated it really liked it. When the staffers are furloughed during a budget impasse forced by President Rutland, Jamie has a chance encounter with him that sets her on a path to scandal and total devast 3.

When the staffers are furloughed during a budget impasse forced by President Rutland, Jamie has a chance encounter with him that sets her on a path to scandal and total devastation.

Channeling Monica Lewinsky and tabloid headlines, the character of Jamie is both naive and star-struck when she imagines that the affair is love rather than the older powerful man taking advantage of her for his own selfish purposes.

What happens is predictable but it's the details of how the secret is revealed and how the situation is handled that make this book such a fun read.

This is a perfect book for summer and light beach reading though the themes of adultery and the fall of the famous man are extremely weighty but far too commonplace in our society.

Without moralizing, the authors take the reader into the mind of the girl who hangs on to the promises of a troubled man who doesn't even try very hard to avoid the trap he creates.

She is the seduced, not the seducer, and the novel makes it very clear that society is both titallated by and unforgiving of the victim, the other woman, the discarded one.

Jamie's life was indeed torn apart by this ill-advised and risky affair with a man she really thought she loved and for whom she risked everything.

I'd recommend it to anyone interested in how horrible the judgment of strangers who get to proclaim "not whether the relationship was wrong -- it was.

Or immoral -- the definition of. But its very veracity. Of course, we all KNOW what this was really about, right? Why he picked her, why she did it.

May 06, Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: I adored both books and knew for certain that I was going to love this one. And indeed I did. McLaughlin and Kraus are undoubtedly a superb team.

The First Affair once again showcases how well these two ladies bring their characters to life and into the hearts of their readers.

It mattered more to me that I could understand how she felt and why she did what she did. The realism of this story is incredible, but I was drawn into it for all the different ways it made me feel.

Alongside Jamie I also fell in love with Greg even though I knew from the start their relationship was headed for a bad end.

THAT is what ultimately drew me in — the many layers which brought home a different perspective on loyalty, healing, and family. I liked how every single character played a pivotal role in the storyline, and how Jamie grew throughout the experience.

I think the ending — though somewhat heartbreaking — was a good end to a really magnificent story. Oct 06, Dana rated it it was ok.

Finished a bad, bad book late today, while sitting in my car outside the public library yes, it was closed as today is sunday with a latte and a donut don't judge me.

I wanted to put it into the return bin outside the library the minute I finished. The book was 8 days late because I had very little time, and perhaps not much inclination, to get it done, and yet I wanted to finish it.

Not much has changed since then, except for the increased presence of social media, texting, twittering,etc. Names are changed, the cigar is replaced with a shaving brush, there is more involvement of the young intern's family, and there is an "after" story that perhaps fills in some gaps.

Basically, the presentation of the novel was just stupid, shallow and contrived, certainly NOT riveting, and yet I did need to get to the end.

I would have liked to read more about the impeachment trial, which took up less than a sentence in the book. Do not waste time or money on this one.

I would rather read a true account of what happened, than this fact based novel that had promise, but failed, to deliver. Sep 08, Kirsten rated it liked it.

This is just okay - better than most chick lit out there, at least. I got fed up with the distractions of the weird family dynamic and thought there could have been less of that Jamie herself, yeah, she's pretty dim and naive.

Also - the timeline was a major problem. The main story was clearly set in the present day - cell phones, hour news, Facebook, plus mentions of Mad Men and reading Gone Girl.

But in the epilogue, she mentions Weiner and Spitzer and all those sex scandals that have This is just okay - better than most chick lit out there, at least.

But in the epilogue, she mentions Weiner and Spitzer and all those sex scandals that have happened since the supposed action of the book.

You can't have it both ways - that was sloppy. Jul 13, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. I disagree with the comments on here about her being naive and young - that is to say, I agree with them, but don't any of you remember being young and naive?

She was lonely and in a new town, and was beyond flattered that the President was hitting on her. Read my full review at: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. The First Affair is an entertaining and fast read, but lacks the substance and depth required for a novel with such a subject matter.

Luckily for me, Atria books kindly obliged, and sent me a galley via NetGalley! Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus do a fairly good job of setting Washington up as a town where everyone knows everyone else's business, and people are willing to step over others to succeed.

They also convey the sense of ruthlessness innately ingrained in the city, which they also showed startling well in The Nanny Diaries.

I definitely got a sense of why Jamie was attracted to the environment, and felt like she could succeed there. Emma and Nicola did a fantastic job of showing how Jamie's achievements could be completely overshadowed by Erica's physical and mental needs, and how that would result in such a complex, twisted relationship between the sisters.

However, at the same time, Emma and Nicola gave enough hints of the love between the two girls, to show why Erica would still come to Jamie's rescue when needed, despite having personal reservations about what Jamie was getting involved in.

Emma and Nicola do a fantastic job of capturing both the painful nostalgia of what it feels like for Jamie to interact with a friend who represents the simplicity of college life, and how she now has to work harder to keep up with her new friends.

After all, she's doing something that society instinctively rails against. However, even with that in mind, I found it difficult to jive with Jamie and her overall mindset.

She spends most of the book being profoundly needy and naive, in a way that made me wonder how she even managed to graduate from college.

I spent a lot of time mentally facepalming, whenever Jamie did or said something that was just startling naive. In other words, Jamie's personality made the story less compelling.

And as a result, it not only undermined the story, it also undermined affair. I found it difficult to belive that the leader of the free world - horn dog that he is - would fall for someone who is so genuinely clueless about the world around her.

I think we want to see the psychosis and personalities involved, and just how people are driven to pursuing that affair.

However, you don't really get that here. I reread The First Affair twice, and I'm still having difficulty seeing why Jamie and Greg were attracted to each other.

Yes, Jamie has severe emotional issues related to the men in her life. Yes, Greg has emotional issues on how he's running the government.

But Emma and Nicola don't really explain just why they find each other attractive, outside of physical attributes.

I definitely wanted more. A Novel of Politics amusing and extremely entertaining. Emma and Nicola try to reproduce that form of political satire here, but it just doesn't work.

There are a lot of hints and suggestions to how President Rutland is similar to our current commander-in-chief - e. I almost used the world "sleazy", but I also think that's unfair to Emma and Nicola's writing style.

It felt a little wrong. The First Affair is a fun read, but there were some issues that prevented me from enjoying the book fully.

I would still recommend it for fans of NA and romance novels, but with some reservation. Aug 07, Jenny Lynn rated it liked it.

Slight spoilers ahead so read at your own risk. Thanks to the authors, Atria Books, and NetGalley. Even though this book made me wildly uncomfortable I spent most of my time reading half-yelling at Jamie which was fine when I was home alone but a little odd when I was in the break room at work.

Lots of weird looks my way, so thanks for that I though Slight spoilers ahead so read at your own risk. Lots of weird looks my way, so thanks for that I thought it was interesting and a good, inside looks at the world of politics and scandal mostly the scandal part.

There were twists I didn't see coming, twists that I totally saw coming, twists I thought I saw coming only to be lulled into a false sense of security before being proven right, and one twist that blew my mind the person who orchestrated Jamie and Erica's escape.

Never saw that coming in a million years. There were times when I wanted to slap every character in the book seriously, every one of them.

I hope someone eventually pressed charges against him. Though I was a little confused at the first mention of him because I thought he was a teenager like Jamie.

Only later did I figure out that he was older and therefore creeptastic and hate-worthy. If not then maybe that should be made a little more explicit.

It made thins a little confusing further down the line. Like I said, the plot made me wildly uncomfortable because illicit affairs always make me uncomfortable but I didn't hate Jamie like I thought I might.

Even though I hated the bad decisions she made, I could understand why she made them. That doesn't mean I agreed with her--far from it--but I could understand that she wasn't thinking clearly, that she was swept up in this crazy, huge situation, that she let her emotions rule her head to her detriment even if she couldn't see it at the time.

I mean, it must have been an incredibly heady thing to have one of the most powerful men in the world pay attention to you.

Speaking from experience though my experience is massively different from Jamie's. Let me reiterate, massively different , it's a heady thing when someone you're attracted to likes you back, pays attention to you, romances you, that sometimes you ignore all the little and huge warning signs telling you that it's a bad idea.

You convince yourself that things can work out. You create fantasies in your head of how life will be once everything works out even though it probably won't work out and then are distraught when those fantasies don't happen or even don't happen as quickly as you want them to.

I think that's why I couldn't dislike Jamie; I've done the same thing to a much lesser extent. McLaughlin and Kraus are really good at creating real, believable characters who are human, make mistakes, and then try to piece their lives back together.

Jamie certainly wasn't perfect--she made some real whoopers on the bad decision scale and sometimes acted like a child when people didn't support those bad decisions--but she seemed like she could be a real person caught up in an insane situation.

Even though the first act was a little slow, it was easy to read and easy to anticipate that things would soon start spiraling out of control.

And boy did they spiral. I was so tense and anxious reading as Jamie's world imploded and I liked that the resolution, while not some neat and perfect thing tied up with a bow, was fulfilling, at least for most of the people involved.

There were some things I didn't like but then I'm a much more vindictive person than Jamie was and she did manage to stir up some trouble for Mike so that made me happy , but on the whole I enjoyed this book even though I knew it was not going to have a happy ending.

But then I kinda think it did have a sorta happy ending: Jamie did get to go to Venice after all. Aug 25, Maggie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I devoured this book.

I could not put my Kindle down and stayed up late to treasure this one. The authors excel at showing how and why Gregory Rutland would be able to rise up to become President of the United States.

This character seemed to be that wise-cracking and charming but somewhat slick guy that many woman would find attractive. I was also strongly reminded of Bill Clinton.

The only point of contention I have with this book is that while there is barely a glance passed between the couple, the affair has begun.

I wonder if Jamie had not been sent to his office and seen him in the midst of a panic attack if anything would have happened. Was he faking this panic attack to seem more vulnerable?

The whole beginning of the affair seems somewhat fast and muddled to me, but again maybe that just lends to the blurry speed with which everything occurs.

We seldom think about the families of the big names in scandals, news and the tabloids. However, this book shows that the families, though they may know nothing about what is going on, is just as under scrutiny and attack as the major players.

On a general note, from the title, you can tell what the scenario is going to be -- a college freshman accepts a job from her English professor babysitting for her two children.

She then meets her professor's husband, which awakens something in both of them -- they start looking at each other from the get-go.

He is then only too glad to drive her home when she babysits. Then they confess to each other how they really feel, which leads to a kiss, then another and another, and so on It goes through the usual highs, then the lows -- the excitement, then the heartaches.

One can learn from this movie of what an affair can do to a marriage. The one problem though was that he seemed to put himself in conspicuous places with her, i.

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